How to Grow Gaillardia from seeds (Blanket flower)

Gaillardia, also commonly called blanket flowers, are small, colorful flower plants. This is a semi-perennial plant that lives for a short period. (two to three years).  However, it has a long blooming time in its lifespan. Blanket flowers are considered adaptive flowers that can easily grow in so-called tough conditions.  Every plant belongs to a … Read more

How to Care for Verbena in Pots [Best]

Verbena plant care

Verbena is a beautiful flowering plant. It mostly grows as an annual plant in most of the region. The plant features dark green foliage with bright colorful flowers. Verbena is a sunny flower plant that likes full sun. People mostly plant verbena in pots, containers, hanging or at the edge of their garden.  Verbena plants … Read more

Black Mondo Grass Care (Monkey Grass)

Black Mondo Grass care

Black mondo grass is an ornamental plant grown on the sidewalk. The plant is commonly referred to as “Monkey grass” in the south. If you call monkey grass it can be either of any three plants- black mondo grass (Ophiopogon) and two types of Liriope. All these types are semi-evergreen, and shade-tolerant ornamental grasses. These … Read more

How to Plant Pink Muhly Grass

How to plant for pink muhly grass

Pink muhly grass is a beautiful ornamental plant that blooms during the spring and summer seasons. The ornamental plant has unique pink or reddish foliage that differentiate it from other grass plants.  You might think growing this ornamental plant is a bit difficult but fortunately, pink muhly grass thrives easily and need very little maintenance.   … Read more

Blue Oat Grass: How to Care for Blue Oat Grass

How to care for Blue oat grass

If you are finding a standing-out grass species then blue oat grass would a wonderful choice. This plant features blue-green grass shoots with non-invasive behavior. Its clumps grow foliage during the spring and summer season but rarely self-seeds. This grass does not take over the whole garden like most grass plants. In the winter or … Read more

How to Care for Blue Fescue

How to care for blue fescue

If you’re finding ornamental grass to grow then blue fescue grass (Festuca glauca) is a great choice. This plant features needle-like blue-green foliage. The foliage grows 10 to 12 inches in height and spreads evenly.  Blue fescue is an evergreen plant in USDA hardiness zones 4-8. The plants’ leaves love to shine in full sunlight. … Read more

How to Grow Nasturtium from Seeds

How to Grow Nasturtium from Seeds

Do you want to grow Nasturtium plants? Yes, Great, here I have written a detailed post to learn how to grow nasturtium from seeds. After reading this you will be able to grow and care for nasturtium easily. Nasturtium is a bright, saturated, jewel-toned flower plant. It is a fast and easy-growing plant. They grow … Read more

How to Get Rid of Cucumber Beetles Naturally

How to get rid of Cucumber beetles naturally

Are your cucumbers infested with striped or spotted insects? It’s probably cucumber beetles. Don’t worry. Here is the guide on how to get rid of cucumber beetles naturally and chemically. Cucumber beetles Before we get started, let’s first know about this insect. The cucumber beetle is a bright yellow striped or dotted plant pest that … Read more

How to Grow Forsythia From a Cutting

How to Grow Foarsythia

Do you want to grow forsythia flowers from cuttings? Here, you’ll find everything about forsythia for its growth and care.  Forsythia is a bright yellow flower with five petals. The forsythias genus belongs to the olive family, it has 11 species of deciduous woody shrubs that bear yellow flowers in the early spring. These species … Read more