How to Care for Lungwort Plant

Lungwort plant

Lungwort is an annual flowering plant grown for its bright, colorful blooms. The plant name came from its leaves that look lung-shaped. It is also used in making medicine to cure lung ailments. But, mostly this clumping plant is grown as perennial landscape flowers that bloom when most of the flowering plants do not show … Read more

How to Grow Lamb’s Ear Plant

How to grow lamb's ear

Lamb’s ears are a sun-loving perennial plant known for soft, fuzzy, pale-colored foliage. The plant is grown mainly for its foliage, used for garden borders, or in containers. This plant is often recommended in children’s schools because of its soft leaves texture, so named lamb’s ear. Whether you want to grow this plant in the … Read more

How to Grow Japanese Painted Fern

Japanese painted fern

Japanese painted fern is a foliage plant mostly grown for its colorful leaves. This is an ornamental plant grown indoors or outdoors by many gardeners. The plant is very much different from the fern that many gardeners are familiar with. True to its name, the painted fern has triangular, silver leaves similar to the dusty … Read more

Sweet Potato Vine: Growing & Caring Tips Indoors

Sweet potato vine

Sweet potato vine is a popular ornamental plant often grown in the container. This herbaceous perennial plant is native to North America and best grown in the region that has a temperature near 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Sweet potato vines are commonly grown indoors and outdoors. You might have many varieties of them in your neighborhood.  … Read more

How to divide New Zealand Flax

New Zealand Flax

New Zealand flax is a specimen plant that is often grown for its large and colorful spikes. It is grown in garden borders, containers, and in the center of the garden in beds. This perennial has large sword-like leaves that grow in an upright direction from the base of the plant.  Although the plant looks tough … Read more

Rex begonia varieties: 30 Best (Indoors & Outdoors)

rex begonia varieties

Rex begonia is a popular ornamental plant that has hundreds of varieties and cultivars. Many people make collections of rex begonia in their houses.  So, here I listed some beautiful rex begonia varieties that you can grow indoors. These varieties can be grown indoors and outdoors, but rex begonia looks great in small pots.  To learn … Read more

10 Best Ornamental Grasses For Landscape: (Sun & Shade)

ornamental grasses

Ornamental grasses are not like other grass that is used as ground cover. These grass are meant to grow for their beautiful textures and colors.  Most of them are not steppable and not trimmed when grown big. You can plant ornamental plants in containers as a companion with other colorful foliage plants. Once you start … Read more

How to Propagate Rex Begonia from Stem Cuttings

Rex begonia

Rex begonia is a colorful foliage plant. It belongs to a semi-tropical region and is usually grown as a houseplant or outdoor container plant.  The plant grows perennial in tropical and semi-tropical regions. Rex begonia is a frost-tender that grows as an annual plant in North America. This is an ornamental plant used to decorate … Read more

Coleus Varieties For Sun & Shade (List)

Coleus Varieties For Sun & Shade (List)

Coleus is a colorful foliage plant. Mostly coleus is perennial that is grown sideways, borders and containers. There are around 294 species of coleus available. In this post, I listed some coleus varieties that are fit for full sun condition. These are some most beautiful coleus that thrives in full sun. plant these varieties in … Read more