How to Grow Thyme at Home

how to grow thyme

Thyme is a perennial herb that belongs to the Mediterranean region. This herb grows well in sunny and slightly warm climates.  It is commonly used to hold taste in the cooking and give flavor when mixed with garlic, tomatoes, and olive oil. The herbs produce bright purple, Lavender, or white tubular flowers that bloom during … Read more

Anise Hyssop Varieties: Best Varieties For Garden

Anise hyssop varieties

Make your garden beautiful and pleasant smelling with these anise hyssop varieties. Anise hyssop is a colorful and sweet-smelling herbaceous plant that attracts many pollinators like bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. This plant is native to North America and belongs to the Lamiaceae family which is commonly called the mint family. Its scientific name is Hyssopus … Read more

Anise Hyssop Companion Plants: (Best & Worst Plants)

Anise Hyssop Companion Plants

Anise hyssop is an edible herbaceous plant that is used for medical purposes. This short-lived, perennial belongs to the mint family. It has a fragrant bloom that grows in a horizontal direction. Anise hyssop is also called giant lavender. This herb plant attracts beneficial pollinators and makes the garden alive. Many plants do not like … Read more

How to Care for Lavender Plants in Pots

Lavender plant

Lavender Plant is a bushy perennial plant that belongs to the Mediterranean. In the warm region, its green foliage remains evergreen throughout the year and can thrive in some of the toughest growing conditions. If you’re planning to grow lavender, this article will give you the right direction. This perennial herb is known for its … Read more

Rosemary Plant: How To Grow Rosemary

Rosemary Plant

Rosemary is a perennial herb with blue flowers. It has a sweet, resinous flavor. One rosemary plant is enough for cooking and scenting the kitchen. However, if you live in an area where they thrive, you could have an entire garden of the plant. These herbs are also used as ornamental plants due to their … Read more

Anise Hyssop | How To Grow & Care [Guide]

Agastache foeniculum is a perennial plant. Commonly called anise hyssop, lavender giant hyssop, blue giant hyssop, and fragrant giant hyssop. They belong to the Lamiaceae or mint family and are native plants of central and north regions of North America. They are also found in Canada. It is an edible plant that is used to make … Read more

How to grow turmeric indoors [Easily]

You can easily grow turmeric if you provide them with proper conditions. It grows like a weed and rewards you with a fresh harvest and attractive tropical foliage. It is a tropical plant that belongs to the ginger family. They thrive in warm, humid conditions and well-drained soil. The plant thrives in a green-white stem … Read more

How to grow chives in a pot from seeds

Do you want to grow chives indoors or in a house garden? Or you have already tried to grow but are finding problems? Here I have described how to grow and care for chives in detail. After reading this article you’ll be able to grow this herb easily. So, let’s dive into it. Why to … Read more

How to grow Calamint in the pot indoor

Calamint herb enlivens the garden with its decent scent, lovely flowers, and leaves properties. They have little flowers and an intense leaf texture that attracts beautiful butterflies and bees. The leaves of the herb spread camphor scent in the air when they get crushed. With that, a question comes into mind, Can you grow calamint … Read more