Can Mexican Petunias be planted in pots?

Mexican petunias are one of the popular petunia varieties. There are many Mexican petunia colors you can grow in your house. In the last post, we discussed how to propagate Mexican petunias. In this post, we discuss whether is it good to plant Mexican petunias in pots.

Can Mexican petunias be planted in pots?

Can Mexican Petunias be planted in pots

Yes, we can plant Mexican petunias in pots. Mexican petunias are tinder plants that are invasive. They spread a lot through the air when planted in the ground. So, if you want to use beauty in the house and also do not let them spread much, you can plant them in the pot.

When to plant Mexican petunia in pots?

Any time of year is suitable for planting Mexican petunias in a container. However, the first few weeks of spring are when you should plant them for the best results. When you plant Mexican petunia at the beginning of the season for growing plants, you will get the best results. It needs additional time to mature and bloom before it can be enjoyed.

What size pot for Mexican petunias?

The size of the pot depends upon your needs. Mexican petunias grow well in both small and large pots.

When do Mexican petunia blooms?

Mexican petunia grows very fast. They grow and start blooming a couple of months after planting.

How to propagate Mexican petunia in pot

You can propagate Mexican petunia from seeds, cuttings, or division. growing from cuttings and division is the common and fast process to get Mexican petunias. If you already have Mexican petunias in the ground, you can take one of the plants and replant it in the pot with roots. This is a basic method to propagate Mexican petunia. 

You will find many Mexican petunia seeds online. Propagating Mexican petunias from seeds is a bit difficult. The seeds you find online may not bloom into the actual plant. It is better to get Mexican plants from cuttings or divisions. 

How to plant Mexican petunia in the pot?

Mexican petunia grows aggressively in the pot. So, you have to prune them frequently. However, to grow them in abundance you can pot them properly.

  • Take one of the Mexican petunia cuttings and plant them in the pot.
  • Make sure the pot has adequate drainage holes to let extra water out from the pot.
  • Use potting mix soil for better results.
  • Although, Mexican petunias are not chosen of the soil type but planting them in potting mix soil gets the best results.

How to Care for potted Mexican petunia?

To grow Mexican petunias successfully in the pot you have to take care of them properly. Below are all the critical points to care for Mexican petunia in the pot.


  • When growing Mexican petunias in pots, location is one of the most important considerations. They need regular exposure to a significant quantity of sunlight.
  • Make sure the pots containing your Mexican petunias get at least 7-8 hours of direct sunshine each day. However, they do not like it when there is an excessive amount of sunlight.
  • Locate the pot where they get early morning sunlight and shade in the middle of the afternoon, especially during the summer.
  • High exposure to sunshine will hasten the drying up of their soil. Therefore, be sure to water them twice a day throughout the heat.


Watering plants in pots are different from the ground plants. in the ground, if you overwater plants, the water flows down. However, in potted plants, it will only flow out if you have adequate drainage holes and well-drained soil. you should avoid overwatering potted Mexican petunia plants.

the best way to water potted Mexican petunia,  water only when the soil surface of the soil looks dry. if you live in a region that gets more heat, especially in the summer and your pot becomes dry quickly.

you should add a thick layer of mulch on top of the soil. This will aid in retaining moisture in the soil for a longer period. In the summer mulching their soil is recommended as the soil dries quickly. Water them once in the morning and evening for the best results.


Soil is the most important ingredient when planting plants in the pot. You must use well-drained soil.

To make well-drained soil, fill the bottom of the soil with pebbles or small stones to make a gap. 

In the potting mix soil, amend some proportion of sand or perlite. This will be a perfect well-drained soil for the petunias.


Mexican petunias grow very quickly. When you plant them in the pot, they have limited space to expand them. Pruning frequently will encourage new growth to happen which will leads to new blooms. When you notice your Mexican petunia is overgrowing, cut it down a few inches back. 


When you plant a flowering plant in the pot, temperature or outdoor climate does not make much difference. In the growing season they grow happily and in the off-season (during winter) you can bring them indoors to winterize. Learn more about winterizing Mexican petunia.

The Lifespan of potted Mexican petunia?

Mexican petunias are annual plants that bloom in the growing season and die in the winter. When planted in the pot you have the option to winterize them. So that it regrows the next growing season. However, Mexican petunia only lasts for about 3 years. You have to replant new Mexican petunia in the pot after every three years.

Do I need to transplant potted Mexican petunia?

Do not need to transplant potted Mexican petunia, when you’re growing in the pot. They grow well and bloom in the pot. However, If you want them to grow in the ground, you can use stem cuttings to propagate.

A common problem with Mexican petunia in pots


Fungal disease and root rot are some common potted plant diseases. They rise mainly due to overwatering. To avoid this, water directly in the roots of the plants. Watering from the top of the plant will make the plant wet. Wet plants are vulnerable to fungal diseases like powdery mildew. 

Also, When the soil is not well-drained or the pot does not have adequate holes in the bottom. Staying in water or soggy soil causes root rot. Once your plant gets root rot it isn’t easy to cure. Rot root most of the time kills the plant.


Pests like spider mites, whiteflies, and aphids and common pests that infest the plant. To avoid them, clean your Mexican petunia foliage and stem once a month.

Key takeaways

  • You can grow Mexican petunia in the pot.
  • Plant Mexican through stem cutting or by division in the pot.
  • Use a medium size pot with adequate drainage holes.
  • Place the pot in the sunlight for at least 6-8 hours.
  • Use rich well-drained soil.
  • Temperature does not matter much for potted Mexican petunias.
  • Prune them once in a while for continuous growth.
  • Water directly in the roots or bottom of the plant to avoid diseases.
  • Keep your potted Mexican petunias neat and clean to avoid pests.