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Companion plants for Cucumbers: (Best & Worst)

Are you searching for companion plants for cucumbers? Yes. 

Then you have landed on the right page. Here, I listed the best companion plants for cucumbers.

These companion plants will help to grow better-tasting cucumbers with fewer pests. There are also some plants you should avoid planting with cucumbers. We’ll see all of them in this post.

So, let’s get started.

Companion Herbs for cucumber


Dill-companion plants for cucumbers

Planting cucumber companions with dills will help to improve their flavor making them perfect for each other.

Companion Flowers for Cucumbers


Sunflower companion plants for cucumbers

If you live in hot climate conditions, plant Sunflower with cucumbers. Sunflowers’ tall stalk will give shade to cucumbers that protect them from extreme heat. Plus sunflowers’ stalks will provide support so they grow up.



Plant marigolds throughout your garden to protect your precious plants from beetles and other pests. Marigold is a popular companion plant, you will find marigolds on nearly every plant’s companion list. 

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Just like marigolds, nasturtium is also used to deter insects and pests that damage crops. Plant nasturtium along with cucumber vine, it will repel a variety of insects and protect your veggies from getting eaten up.

Note: Both marigolds and Nasturtium are sacrifice plants. This means they are planted so that pests attract them instead of your main crop. You don’t need to apply to spray on to save them. Simply let pests eat them and once they finish destroying or dumping the plant. 

Pro Gardener Tip: If you have a beetle problem in the garden that does not let any crop grow. Then you can consider feeding birds in the morning. Birds love to eat these shiny beetles that destroy plants. Attracting birds in your garden will help to remove all problematic beetles.

Companion Vegetables for Cucumbers



Peas are legumes and help to enrich the soil. Planting peas and cucumbers grow successively. After the growing season when pea plants start dying out then the cucumbers start to take off.

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Corn is the best companion for cucumbers. Cucumbers provide shade to corn and protect them from raccoons that like to wade through vines. Whereas corn helps to prevent some viruses that often wilt cucumbers.


Radishes companion plants for cucumbers

Consider growing radishes with cucumbers if you have pest problems. Plant 2-3 radishes around the cucumbers and allow them to grow without harvesting, they will keep protecting cucumbers from beetles. When you get mature, harvest both at a time.



Tansy is another alternative you can grow to repel beetles.

Some other plants you can grow along with cucumbers: 

Plants not to grow with cucumbers


Beans-companion plants for cucumbers

Beans are considered a good companion for cucumbers. However, many gardeners find it difficult to grow them together. Beans can strangle cucumbers and choke them out. 

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Potatoes and cucumbers have similar soil requirements. If you plant them together both will compete for nutrients. Usually, cucumbers don’t grow well with potatoes and potatoes are more likely to be affected by blight if cucumbers are planted nearby.

Squash and Melons


Squash and melons belong to the same family as cucumbers. They will compete for space if planted together. Cucumbers may also get weakened by diseases and pests shared between plants family. 

Pro gardener Tip: Change or rotate the gardening bed every year where you’re growing any nightshade vegetables. This will prevent them from getting infected.

Sage, and other aromatic herbs


These herbs have aromatic scents that attract various pests and it also affects cucumber fruits’ taste.  Planting these herbs along with any vegetable plants is not recommended.

Did I Miss Anything?

Now I’d like to hear from you: which plant from today’s post are you going to try first?

Or maybe, I didn’t mention your favorite companion plant. Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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