Companion Plants For Okra | (10 Best & worst)

companion plants for okra

Are you finding companion plants for okra? 

Companion planting is an organic method to prevent pests and diseases from your crop. Some companions also increase flavor and give a better harvest. 

However, there is not much data about companion plants’ benefits. But, this method is recommended by many experienced gardeners.

In this post, I list all the best companion plants for okra that you can grow for better results.

Plant these companion plants and prevent your crop from the danger of blights and other problems. We’ll see all types of plants that you should plant with okra. There are some plants that you should avoid planting along with okra.

Let’s see them one-by-one:

Vegetable Companion Plants For Okra

Below are some vegetables that you can grow along with okra. These veggies are suitable to grow with okra. Growing vegetables with okra will give you two vegetables in a season. And your garden space will be fully optimized. Plus these veggies help each other for better and more. 



Cucumbers and okra both need the same condition to grow. So, they do well side by side. Do not plant them close. Plant cucumber at least six inches apart from okra as cucumbers also need full sun to get a rip. Know what are the best and worst companion plants for cucumbers.



Peppers plants are useful to prevent cabbage worn that are destructive to okra. Plant peppers next to okra if you suffer from cabbage worn. Know best and worst companion plants for peppers.


You can plant okra with tomatoes. Tomatoes and okra have the same growing requirement. Tomatoes act as a trap plant and keep pests far away from okra. know


Melons can be a good companion to grow along with okra. Just like cucumbers, melons also need ample sun and water. Make sure that okra does not shade melons. For this plant melon on the east side, so that plants get benefit by morning sun or plant west for afternoon sun.



Planting basil near okra is beneficial to repel pests. Basil’s strong fragrance deter many varieties of pests like stink bugs, flea beetles, aphids, whiteflies, spider mites. As the okra grows taller in height by six feet, it gives shade to tender perennials, especially in the hot summer season. if you’re interested in growing herbs, read out 10 perennial herbs that you can grow easily indoors.


Plant radish throughout your okra row, it helps to break soil so that the okra plant’s roots get deeper in the soil. Due to deep roots, okra plants grow taller and give shade to radish. Plant radish and okra four to five inches apart for good air circulation.


companion plants for Lettuce

Planting lettuce and okra side by side will benefit both. Plant lettuce at the base of the okra to weed out, where okra provides shade to lettuce.

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companion plants for okra :Peas

Growing peas in the same bed of okra will help to fix nitrogen in the soil. Plant okra in the same soil where peas were planted, after completion of its season. This will give okra extra nitrogen in the soil that yields a better harvest. Learn how to grow sweet pea, from our growing and caring guide.

Flower Companion Plants For Okra

Okra companion with a flowering plant is a good idea. Flowering plants deter many from attracting beneficial insects and pollinators that will visit okra flowers. To make a garden beautiful here are the 20 best flower plants that you can grow easily.

Garlic, Chives, and Onion

These plants are members of the allium family. Garlic, Chives, and Onions repel aphids and spider mites plant them around your okra rows.


Nasturtium is a great companion plant for okra. It deters aphids and many different beetles that can destroy your crop.


You can plant Marigold with okra as a companion plant. The flower acts like a bait that attracts pests to feed them instead of primary crops like okra. Once the pests attract the marigold, snatch it out from the ground and destroy It. If you want to learn how to grow a marigold check our article.

Bad Companion Plants For Okra

Most gardeners think having more nematodes in the soil is beneficial for gardening. But, meta nodes are detrimental to okra because these tiny insects like to feed on the roots of okra plants.

However, nematodes in the soil help to grow certain vine plants like sweet potatoes and squash. You should skip at least one year before planting okra in the same garden bed where nightshade vegetables have been grown except Melons and Cucumbers.

Other than this okra does not have any bad companions. Plant one of the recommended plants in this post. It will help to grow okra plants.

Essential Oil To Apply On Okra

Sometimes companion plants aren’t quite enough to support okra. Maybe you are growing in a small garden or even a container garden. Or maybe some best companions don’t grow well in the area. 

Whatever the reason you can replace companion plants with some oil that will help in the garden.

Here are some essential oils to grow more okra plants.

Rosemary oil

Rosemary is a great companion but also a perennial herb that is not suitable in a vegetable garden. This essential oil is used to repel pests like aphids and flea beetles.

Basil oil

Just like the basil plant, basil essential oil is also a great companion of okra. Apply this on the okra plant to prevent pests like aphids and many worms that might munch on your plant.

Peppermint oil

Mint is a repel pest, unfortunately, mint is self-seeds and can take over the garden. Use peppermint oil instead of your okra to prevent pests like aphids.

Tea tree oil  

Tea tree oil is a great anti-fungal. Use it to prevent diseases such as powdery mildew from okra. Learn how to get rid of powdery mildew


What is the best fertilizer for okra?

Fertilize okra with 3 to 6 pounds of calcium nitrate per 1000 square feet. Sprinkle one to two pounds per 100 feet of row. For best yield fertilize okra 3 to 4 weeks after planting and again after 6 to 8 weeks, when they get established.

How far apart should okra plants be?

When you can grow okra from seeds plant each seed half-inch deeper in the soil and 2 to 4 inches apart. When planting okra cutting or a companion plant, place them at least 12 inches apart. Planting them too closely will cause fungal disease or improper crops.

Does okra need full sun?

Okra seeds take nearly a couple of weeks to germinate. For good and fast growth use rich well-drained soil. Okra needs full, hot sun and is usually cultivated in the summer.

How often should Okra be watered?

Water to keep the soil moist, Okra does not like to be overwatered. Water when the soil upper layer looks dry. (it needs 1 inch of water per week).

How much okra does a plant produce?

Okra plants, when given ideal conditions, produce 20 to 30 pods per okra plant. 

Why is my okra not blooming?

There are several reasons why okra is not blooming. You might have used excessive fertilizer. Okra needs nitrogen for fertilizer growth but too much will harm them.

Did I Miss Anything?

Now I’d like to hear from you: which companion plant from today’s post are you going to try first? Or maybe, I didn’t mention your favorite plant. Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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