Companion Plants For Peppers For Good Harvest

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Then, you have landed on the right page. Here, I have listed the Best companion plants that you can grow with peppers in the garden.

There are some herbs, flowers, and vegetables that are beneficial to peppers when planted next. Herbs enhance the flavor of peppers, flowers repel insects and pests and vegetables help to grow.

We’ll discuss all types of companion plants for peppers.

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Companion Plants For Peppers Both Hot And Sweet

Companion Plants For Peppers



Peas and peppers are best companions for each other. They do not compete for nitrogen and other nutrients from the soil. In fact, peas fix nitrogen in the soil, making it more reliable for peppers.

Peas are cold-weather plants whereas peppers are hot. It’s better to plant peas first in the area than peppers around them. The pea plant can be cropped above the soil, after its season is over, making space for peppers to take over space. 



Planting peppers with basil will increase the flavor of peppers. It also repels pests like aphids, spider mites, and Thrips.



Carrots and peppers are friendly companions. Carrots provide weed control and a humid growing condition, peppers like. The pepper helps to make carrots sweet and gives them shade.



Eggplants and peppers belong to the same family which makes it easier to grow them together. Both require the same growing condition. 

Tip: If you’re growing peppers with nightshade vegetables, change or replace the gardening bed every year. This will prevent disease and pest problems. 

Lettuce and spinach 


You can plant Lettuce and Spinach together with peppers, both do not compete with peppers for nutrients. They also reduce weeds around the peppers and provide more humidity to the peppers. Larger pepper plants help them by giving them shade.



Just like eggplants, tomato plants also belong to the same vegetable family. Both pepper and tomato need the same growing condition, making it easier together. But, do make sure tomato plants do not shade pepper plants too much. (plant them at least 6 inches apart)

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Companion Plants For Pest Control

French Marigolds

French marigold 萬壽菊

You’ll find Marigolds in nearly every companion list. This is because they are excellent repellers of many insects and pests including soil nematodes, potato bugs, and squash bugs. Most gardeners prefer planting marigolds throughout the garden bed.

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Garlic and Chive


You can plant garlic and chives with pepper to prevent pests like aphids, beetles, and spider mites. 

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Nasturtium is another plant that comes in many companion planting lists. It deters aphids, whiteflies, potato bugs, and squash bugs. Plus its color blossom will decorate your garden bed.



Parsley attracts beneficial insects like predator wasps and others that help to control aphids and other insects. 



Just like parsley, dills attract beneficial insects and pollinators. It helps to deter pests like spider mites that can destroy your vegetables.


Geraniums are a great trap for Japanese beetles. It attacks beetles, when beetles eat geranium leaves they get paralyzed which easily wipes them off the garden. Geranium also deters cabbage worms.

companion plants for peppers

If flea beetles are your problem. Simple, use diatomaceous earth to keep them away. 

Keep dusting pepper plants when it’s small. Once pepper plants start flowering they become strong enough to fight flea beetles on their own.

What Not To Plant With Peppers


comanion plants for peppers

You can plant beans with sweet and bell peppers. But, keep away all types of beans from hot peppers. 



Avoid planting fennel with peppers. Planting together will not grow much like a funnel and the same with peppers.


potatoes companion plants for peppers

Although peppers grow well with other nightshade vegetables like tomatoes and eggplant they should be kept away from potatoes.

Maintain at least two years gap between planting peppers and potatoes in the same bed. This will prevent the spread of diseases in the garden.

Brassicas family

companion plants for peppers

Peppers do not like to be planted near Brassicas. This includes cauliflower, broccoli, kale, brussels sprouts, and any other vegetable in this family.

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