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Hosta Varieties For Sun With Pictures

Hostas are the most popular house plant. You have seen them in almost every garden. With the same plant everywhere this makes them a little boring. But, do you know there are more than 2500 varieties of hostas available. The hosta varieties you commonly see are not even close to that.

Many hosta varieties bear beautiful and fragrant flowers and colorful and distinct foliage. Planting different hostas can give your garden a classic and contrasting look.

However, with so many varieties it becomes a bit difficult to choose the best companion Hostas for your garden. So, to help you, I listed some best Hostas varieties that you should consider growing in the garden.

This list is categorized based on foliage colors, sizes, and shapes. Find the category which you care about the most and select your favorite hosta.

With that note, let’s explore Hosta varieties.

Deep Shade Hosta Varieties

While Hosta grows well in partial shade, below are some Hostas that thrive in deep shade.

Blue Mouse Ears

hosta "blue mouse ears"

It is a miniature variety that grows up to 7 inches tall and 11 wide with thick, round, slung-resistant foliage. The variety has blue-green to grey-green foliage. American Hosta of the year in 2008.


Patriot Hosta

Patriot is a medium-size variety that grows to 20 inches taller in height and 30 inches wide. It has deep green centers and is wide with irregular white foliage. Hosta of the year in 1997.

Hosta Sieboldiana ‘Frances Williams’ 

Hosta sieboldiana Frances Williams

This is a large variety that grows nearly 24 inches tall and 60 inches wide with large blue-green variegated leaves with irregular blue-greenish margins.


Hosta Sadoe

Sagae is considered a giant hosta. It grows up to 31 inches tall and 70 inches wide with spectacular blue-green leaves with creamy-white borders. American Hosta of the year in 2000.

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Hosta Varieties For Full Sun

Most of the hostas’ leaves burn in the full sun. But, these hostas varieties actually need the sun to grow well. Consider growing these varieties if you have a sunny garden. 

Note: Full sun does not actually mean full sun. Like other plants, these hostas also need shade in hot climates or in the mid-afternoon when the heat is a little harsh, especially in the south.

Sun Mouse

Hosta Sun Mouse

This variety grows 6 inches tall and 12 inches wide with round bright, yellow foliage. It can take more sunlight than most hostas. 

Stained Glass

stained glass

Stained glass is a sun-tolerant, medium-sized hosta that grows 15 inches high and 45 inches wide. Its leaves have brilliant golden leaves with dark green margins and light purple flowers. American Hosta of the year in 2006.

Sun Power

H.‘Sun Power’

Sun power is a sun-tolerant large variety of hosta that grows 28 inches high and 60 inches wide. It has rippled yellow leaves and lavender flowers. 

Sum and Substance

Hosta Sum & Substance

Sum and Substance is a Giant hosta growing up to 30 inches high and 60 inches wide. It’s sun tolerant, and slug resistant with bright yellow leaves and white flowers that thrive well in the sun. American Hosta of the year in 2004.

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Slug Resistant Hosta Varieties

If your Hostas are often eaten up by slugs, consider growing these Hosta varieties.

  • Blue Mouse Ears
  • Sum and Substance


Hosta June

June is gorgeous multi-toned chartreuse and green foliage that is also slug resistant. It is a medium-sized hosta growing to 16 inches tall and 37 inches wide. American Hosta of the year in 2001.

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Hosta Halcyon

Halcyon hosta has heart-shaped blue foliage with violet flowers. It grows 18 inches tall in height and 43 inches wide.

Blue Angel

Hosta Blue Angel

A giant variety of hosta that grows to 36 inches high and 48 inches wide. It is slug-resistant with silvery-blue leaves and white flowers.


This is the list of Hostas that have gorgeous leaves and fragrant flowers.

Etched Glass

Hosta Stained Glass in the middle

This is a medium-sized hosta that grows about 18 inches tall and 36 inches wide. It has golden-colored leaves outlined with dark-colored and light-colored borders. In the late summer, it produces fragrant white flowers.

Fragrant Bouquet


Medium-sized hosta that grows 22 inches tall and 48 inches wide that has apple green foliage with cream color margins and fragrant white flowers, bloom in late summer. American Hosta of the year in 1998.



Guacamole is a large variety that grows up to 24 inches tall and 54 inches wide that has apple green leaves with dark green borders and white flowers in later summer. American Hosta of the year 2002.

Did I Miss Anything?

Now I’d like to hear from you: which Hosta variety from today’s post are you going to try first?

Or maybe, I didn’t mention your favorite Hosta. Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now. Before going if you want to grow beautiful flowers in your garden? Then click on these articles also.