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How to grow chives in a pot from seeds

Do you want to grow chives indoors or in a house garden? Or you have already tried to grow but are finding problems?

Here I have described how to grow and care for chives in detail.

After reading this article you’ll know how to grow chives in a pot from seeds.

So, let’s dive into it.

Why to grow chives

Chive is a perennial herb used in adding flavor in various dishes, it has flavor garlic and onion which make your dish more delicious.

Growing this herb at your home will save you money because they are used in many dishes or salads.

Smoked Trout & Broccoli Bowls w Sour Cream & Chives

Photo source: Jules

Its flowers and leaves are both edible. You can use them to garnish or decorate your food. 

In the spring, they attract pollinators like butterflies and bees. 

Three types of chives

There are different types of chives that you can grow at home. Three varieties are easy to grow and provide major benefits.

Common chive


Photo source: Paul

This variety grows 12 inches taller and has a purple flower on the top of the plant. It has an onion flavor and blooms in early spring.

Giant chive


Photo source: Rob Hodgkins

This variety has the same onion flavor as common chives but they are taller and have big flowers. They bloom in late spring.

Garlic chive

801_0957 little moth on a blossom of chive garlic

This variety is in a white star shape on the top. It has a garlic flavor and blooms in early spring. 

You can grow any of them easily indoors.

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How to Grow Chives in a Pot from Seeds

Growing chives is very easy but there are some points that you have to keep in mind while growing them.

Here I have described everything in detail. Follow these steps to avoid any problems in the future.

Step 1. Buy seeds

Seeds play a vital role in growing any plant, fresh and good quality seeds germinate fast and provide a good harvest. 

Whereas if you choose old or dry seeds they’ll germinate very slowly or sometimes don’t germinate.

To avoid this you should buy seeds from reputed companies that provide good quality seeds.

I recommend buying it from amazon.

Step 2. Buy two pots

In the beginning, growing chives in the pot is a good idea because in the pot you have better control of the plant. 

How to Grow Chives in a Pot from Seeds

Photo source: Dominic Lockyer

Let the plant grow to a few inches (nearly 3 inches) then transplant it outside or a large container.

Step 3. Add potting mix

The soil plays an essential part in the plant’s growth. A good quality soil provides the required nutrition and minerals to the plant.

If you’ll use ground soil then your plant may not produce a quality harvest.

I recommend using a potting mix for gardening.

Take a pot and fill 80% of it with a potting mix.

Pour little water to moist the soil. You can know the soil is moist when its color changes dark brown or fill it with your fingers.

Step 4. Sow seed

Take a pencil and make a hole (nearly 3 inches) in the potting mix or you can simply press the seed into the soil.

Put 2-3 seeds in the hole. If you put more seeds in the hole then growing roots become difficult.

Brush the soil to cover the hole. Use the spray to water the pot. Soak or pouring water from the container can overflow from the pot. By using the spray you can easily make the soil moist.

Step 5. Provide condition

Place the pot in a sunny spot where it gets 7-8 hours of light.

If in your region light doesn’t come to that long then you can use artificial light. Proper light is important for the growth of the plant.


Photo source: Ruth Hartnup

Regularly, Water the pot 2-3 times a day to keep the soil moist.

After 14 days, the seeds will start thriving or pop out from the soil. Don’t worry if it takes a few days more.

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How to grow chives in water

You can easily grow green onions in water. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Cut the green part of the onion. Use it in cooking.
  • Put the root in a glass or jar of water. Add enough water to cover the roots.
  • Place the container on the windowsill for enough light.
  • Change the water once a week.
  • After 14-15 days the roots get a few inches tall and green shouts start growing from the top.
  • You can continue to grow within the water jar or glass but after a time they will stop growing.
  • For continuous growth plant their roots in the well-drained soil.

How to transplant

Let sprouts grow at least 3 inches tall then you’ll be able to transplant it easily in another large container or the ground.

Dig the soil deep enough so that the roots of the plant get fit into it.


Photo source: Khairil Yusof

Cover the roots with the soil so that no roots parts get visible and spray water in the base. 

If you are transplanting plants outdoors first let the plant be hardy.

Put the plant 1-2 hours outdoors and bring it back. This will make the plant comfortable with outside light and temperature.

Do this for 3-4 days and then transplant in your garden. If you don’t follow this your little plant might get damaged with sudden change.

How to care for chives

Water the plant-soil when it looks dry. Spray or pour water in the base but don’t water in its foliage, it might get infected. Chives is a natural whiteflies repeller, you don’t have to care much about them.

Just plant them in a clean area or if it is in a pot move accordingly to prevent any attraction.

Mostly, it’s not needed but in the growing season, you can add some fertilizer.

How to harvest chives

You can harvest chives easily. Cut flowers, if you don’t cut it’ll spread seeds in the ground and they start growing closely that ultimately get stunt.

The flowers of chives are edible. Use it to decorate your food or salad.

Cutting flowers will also boost foliage growth as the plant is no anymore using energy to bloom.


Photo source: pitch

Harvesting or trimming foliage and flower boost their growth. When the herb gets taller, harvest it.

To harvest simply use a sharp scissor. Cut from the base leaving approx 3-4 inches. This will encourage plants to grow further.

How to store chives

When your chives produce a large harvest and you’ll not be able to consume within a week. Then you have to store the harvested chives properly, to use in the future.


Photo source: Quinn Dombrowski

Most people dry the chives and store them but drying will reduce the flavor.

Freezing is the best way to store them. Just wrap them with paper and put them in your freezer or refrigerator.

You’ll be able to consume them anytime within 6 months. Don’t store them for more than 6 months, it gets spoiled.


Growing chives is very easy. Even a beginner gardener can grow them. They are low maintenance and used in preparing foods, salads. Plus growing them in the home saves you money. It has also health benefits

In my view, you should grow chives. If you grow some of them. let me know in the comment box. 

With that, thank you for reading 😀

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