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Lawn Care | 5 Lawn Care Methods You Must Know!

Here are 5 ways to Lawn care. The lawn is the main component in residential property development and an important element in any other kind of garden. It serves as a green carpet for a landscape and is one of the most noticeable aspects of a garden. A well-kept grass in a residential garden may enhance the look of the house, add to its natural beauty, make life more convenient, and serve other practical purposes, all of which contribute to the growth in the property’s market value. A flower bed, a border shrub, a specimen tree, or a blooming shrub would look wonderful in the lawn’s setting since it is so open and wide.

The grass plant is one of the toughest perennial herbs, and maintaining a lawn does not provide a significant challenge, despite the fact that one must take the required precautions. A person who enjoys gardening would be well to keep in mind that 75 percent of the attractiveness of a garden is attributable to the condition of the grass. The grass on a lawn will quickly become useless if it is not treated properly.

How to Lawn care

Lines on the Lawn

  • Weeding
  • Mowing
  • Rolling 
  • Scraping and raking
  • Sweeping
  • Watering
  • Carpeting 


The management of weeds is an essential component of upkeep, ranking among the top priorities. If you don’t pay careful attention to your lawn or give it a lot of care, there will come a time when weeds will take over the grass on your lawn, the soil will get sick, and the grass will grow coarse. Weeds should always be pulled out by their roots, and the weeds themselves should never be allowed to produce seeds.


Mowing the grass on the lawn is another essential task that must be performed. The quantity of growth over a given period of time will decide how often the grass has to be cut, and this number will change from season to season. In any case, the length of the grass should never exceed five or six centimeters, regardless of the season. You will need to invest in a high-quality machine that is capable of making cuts that are uniform and at the appropriate height.


The goal of rolling is to assist the grass in firmly anchoring itself to the surface while also maintaining a level field for play. Rolling the light, sandy soil after each weeding will be useful in order to prevent weed growth. When the earth is damp, rolling must be avoided at all costs. On the market, you can choose from a variety of lawn rollers of different sorts.

Scraping and raking

It’s possible that the lowest section of an old lawn may get matted and woody, in addition to developing a tough crust. In the months of April and May, a sickle is used to scrape the grass on such a lawn down to the ground level. This is done for aesthetic purposes.

The crust is broken by first scraping, then raking the surface. A lawn that is in excellent shape should have a vigorous and thorough raking done in both directions in order to dislodge the old runners and aerate the soil.


It is vital to do a thorough sweep of the lawn after each time that it is mowed in order to remove any cut grass that may have dropped from the mower box. In addition, the sweeping of fallen leaves and any other waste is done first thing in the morning on a daily basis.


It is preferable to water the land lightly and often rather than to flood it heavily and infrequently. In the winter, you should use a hosepipe to brush the dew into the grass before it has a chance to evaporate. This should be done before the dew freezes. The use of sprinkler irrigation may result in significant cost savings, not only in terms of water but also in terms of labor.


Along with the establishment of a tough crust, the lowest portion of an older grass may become matted and woody with time. During the months of April and May, a sickle is used to scrape the grass down to the ground level on a lawn that has this kind of maintenance.

The crust may then be broken by raking after it has been scraped. When the state of the lawn is satisfactory, vigorous and comprehensive raking is performed in both directions in order to break the old roots and acidify the soil.

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