Mexican Feather Grass Care | How to Care for Mexican Feather Grass

Mexican feather grass is a popular ornamental grass. This is a green foliage plant that does well in cool weather. They feature feather-like foliage that waves with air. The plant is known for its dense, deep clumps that hold loose soil. 

Mexican feather grass also produces tiny flowers during spring and summer which when spread through air leads to growing more plants. 

Although, this grass plant does not need much care. It grows best when it is not disturbing. Here in this post, we will discuss some basic factors for Mexican feather grass care.

This plant is native to south and central America; grows hardy in USDA hardiness zones 7-10.

Mexican Feather Grass care

Quick Guide

Common NameMexican feather grass, Mexican wiregrass, ponytails, silky thread grass, Texas tussock
Scientific NameNassella tenuissima (formerly, Stipa tenuissima)
Plant typePerennial ornamental grass
Mature Size24 inches tall and wide
Sun ExposureFull sun to partial shade
Soil TypeLoamy
Soil pHSlightly acidic to alkaline
Bloom TimeJuly to August
Flower ColorGloden-brown
Hardiness Zones7 to 10 USDA (can be grown annual anywhere)
Native AreaSouth America and Central America

How to grow Mexican Feathergrass

Mexican Feather Grass

This is a fast-growing plant and can be grown in tough conditions. Mexican feather grass is grown by gardeners who have a slopy garden because this plant help to control soil erosion.

It can grow easily with seeds and division. However, the plant naturally spreads through seeds. The plant is considered invasive in ideal conditions. 

When to Grow 

You can start growing Mexican feather grass in the early spring or when all threats of frost have grown. During the spring to the fall season, the plant leads to show maximum growth as these are growing seasons. Planting early season gives plants enough time to get established before winter. 

Where to Grow

Mexican feather grass has dense and deep roots. Garden grow them in the slopy areas to control soil erosion. This is ornamental grass that can be grown in gardening borders, large containers, and in the garden center.

How to Grow Mexican Feathergrass from Seeds

This grass plant can easily be grown from seeds. It blooms goldern-brown flowers during mid-summer which get dry in fall. These dry flowers produce seeds that spread through the air in the surrounding.

You can collect these seeds from the flower. Just snip off a few flowers from the plant and leave them to dry in the sunlight. When the flower gets dry, collect its tiny seeds and sow them in the soil for growth.

You can plant it in a pot, container, or directly in the garden. Just cover the seeds from the soil and sprinkle water around it to make it moist. 

The seedling will sprout within 14-20 days depending on the growing condition.  

How to grow Mexican feather grass from division

Many gardeners prefer to grow Mexican feather grass from division. This method is used to grow multiple plants in small time.

This foliage plant needs division every two to three years, it is a fast-growing plant due to which it gets congested in a close area, which leads to problems.

Before division makes sure the plant is mature or at least one year old.

  • To divide, take a shovel or spade, and dig out a clump of grass from the ground. 
  • Select a large area to dig up the plant with its root balls. 
  • After digging clear soil from roots. Take sharp gardening shear, and split the roots of the plant into two to three roughly equal parts. 
  • Replant one part of again soil and the other two parts in different locations to grow new plants.
  • While transplanting just cover the root balls with soil and spread water to make them moist. 
  • Water regularly to keep moist but do not overwater. The plant will settle within a month and start growing new leaves.

Mexican Feather Grass Care

Mexican feather grass

Mexican feather plant is an easy-growing ornamental grass. These plants do not need much care. But, there are some conditions to grow bright and happy plants. 


Like most ornamental grasses such as blue fescue and pink muhly grass. Mexican feathers also prefer full sun. However, the plant can grow in partial shade. But, if not given adequate sunlight, the grass can grow fussy or wilt. Plant Mexican feather grass where it gets direct sunlight. 


This grass becomes drought-tolerant once established. This plant has low to average water needs. Water them once a month to make the soil moist. Avoid overwater plants, this grass does not like standing in water. If the plant goes dormant, do not water it. Water in the next spring season for normal growth.


The grass thrives in average soil with some compost. The plant prefers loamy soil which is well-drained. If your garden soil is not loose enough, add some soil compost. Mexican feather grass can survive in tough conditions with less water.

Temperature and Humidity

Mexican feather grass is found naturally in warm climate regions. The grass does not dry out in the warmest and most humid months. However, make sure they have proper airflow otherwise it may cause problems. 


Generally, ornamental grass does not need fertilizer. But, you may feed them organic compost once a year. You can know whether the plant needs fertilizer or not by simply doing a soil test.

Adding fertilizer aid new growth in the plant. However, if you add more fertilizer, it will increase nitrogen in the soil which results in excessive growth of foliage and fewer flowers. This will destroy plants’ composition, and eventually a bad growth plant. 


Pruning is one of the most important factors to grow good appearing Mexican feather grass. This plant is in ideal condition to become invasive. You may have to pluck it seedlings all around the ground occasionally, otherwise, it will overtake your whole garden. 

Also, you have to prune dry or yellow foliage and trim them back occasionally to have a good appearance.

Trim them back some inches whenever they overgrow. Gardeners mostly trim them at the end of the season.