7 types of plants that you can grow easily at home.

Are you interested in gardening or I say do you love plants?

Here in this post, I have listed different types of gardening anyone can practice.

Probability is you Know most of them. But, I recommend skimming the whole list once.

So, let’s dive into… 

#1. Annual plants

Decorate your house or garden with attractive flower plants.

These plants not only make your surroundings beautiful but also attract different butterflies, birds, and bees.

The birds and insects bring life to your garden. Not only this, but most of the flowers are also edible. You can use them in cooking various dishes.

My personal favorite plant is wax begonia as they are easy to grow houseplants that need almost no maintenance.

And they bloom beautifully and give 5 stars in your house’s indoor decor. If you’re interested in growing flowering plants don’t forget to…

Check the list of beautiful flowering plants that you can grow in your yard (easily).

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#2. Perennial plant

Perennial plants refers to those plants that live for several years.

They are different from annual plants as they bloom in spring and die in winter like other plants but then regrow. Whereas annual plants never regrow after they die.

Most perennial plants are small beautiful flowers that keep the environment cheerful for many years.

These plants don’t need much care because once they get established they bloom for several years.

Planting a perennial plant in your garden or yard has lots of advantages.

Once you plant them, they regrow from themself every year that save you from regular maintenance.

Perennial plants keep your garden looking attractive without much efforts.

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#3. Vegetable

Vegetative gardening includes vegetables like potatoes, tomatoes, broccoli, onion, etc.

These plants take lots of time and effort to grow because your yield is edible.

Growing vegetable plants in our yard are challenging but not difficult if you follow the proper steps.

While doing vegetative gardening you need few tools as they need maintenance from time to time.

Read how to do proper vegetative gardening that produces healthy vegetables.

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#4. Landscape tree

These are the large trees that take nearly a decade to grow.

Some of the trees are pecan tree, almond tree, mango tree etc.

Growing these trees is very difficult, you need a large land to grow them as they spread lots.

To maintain the trees you have to propagate, prune, fertilize them annually.

These big trees generally grow for commercial purposes but if you have a vast land you can grow them.

No doubt planting these trees is worth time as they bear fruits and provide shade to land.

Read how to grow landscape trees step-by step for beginners.

#5. Succulent

Succulents are small house plants that need no maintenance and use for decoration purposes.

These plant species don’t need literally any care, you can simply buy them online or nearby nursery.

It is scientifically proven that having a plant in your workspace increases concentration and relaxes the mind.

Succulents are potable and disease free plants.

Read a list of succulent plants that you can bring home.

#6. Herbs

These are generally herb plants that are used as an ingredient in dishes.

They grow similar to other plants, once they get established you can use their leaves for cooking.

Read about different types of Edible plants you can grow in the garden.

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#7. Ground cover plants

Ground cover plants are those plants that cover the land with their long tall leaves.

Growing a dense ground cover plant in the yard takes less maintenance than other plants.

Check the list of different ground cover plants you can grow in your yard.

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