How to Prune Pink Syngonium

You can prune pink Syngonium by using a sharp shear in the early morning. However, when pruning a plant it is more about how, when, and which part of the plant to prune or trim to have constant and fresh growth. In the post, I will explain how to prune pink Syngonium plants to achieve a fresh and long-lasting plant. Let’s get started.

When to Prune Pink Syngonium

prune Pink Syngonium

Pruning pink Syngonium is not rocket science but it’s important to do it the right way. Pruning occasionally is crucial as it helps the plant retain its shape by removing old and overgrown vines.

The houseplant should prune two times a year:

  • First, during the spring season, most plants show good growth during this period. Pruning some of its leaves will encourage it to grow more foliage that makes it bushier over time. 
  • Second, prune it just before the winter, as it is a houseplant it does not danger with cold winter. But, during this period some of the plant’s foliage gets dry or old. These leaves might look dead but they keep sucking energy from the plant. Removing these dry leaves will redirect energy to grow new leaves on the plant.

Winter care

In the winter, Pink Syngonium hardly shows any growth. To retain its growth you have to keep them in a warm place. The plant can survive at 10 degrees celsius but below this, they start suffering. Bring back the pot indoors to save from the cold.

How to Prune pink Syngonium

  1. When the leaves on pink Syngonium turned brown, cut the plant back two or three days after deadly frost. This may take place at any point between the end of summer and the middle of winter, depending on the weather.
  1. If you have a pair of sharp pruning shears, you may sanitize the blades by wiping them off with rubbing alcohol or a solution of 10 percent bleach with a clean towel. The purpose of this procedure is to sterilize your instruments so that you do not unintentionally spread infections to the plants in your garden.
  1. Just snip off around 2 inches of the plant’s foliage near its base. It is best to make cuts that are clean and straight across the stems and leaves. Do not tear the stem. Throw the leaves away in the garbage or in a compost pile.

Prune in the early morning

When it comes to house plants like pink Syngonium every small thing matters. The ideal time for Pruning or trimming of the plant is in the early morning. Because this time plants are fresh due to the early morning sunlight. 

Keep the potted pink Syngonium in the sunlight at least 30 times before pruning or trimming this will make the plant adaptive to the new changes. Placing the pot in the sunlight before pruning becomes quite important when you are pruning it deeply.

The right way to trim a vine

Trim the vine of the plant using a sharp shear. Cutting their vine in one shot is best for them. If you try to break or tear a vine, it will damage its tissue which will cause issues in the growth.

What is the right time to prune a plant?

Prune the plant when it looks overgrown. It will make them look neat and in good shape. Also, deadhead dry leaves from the plant, will boost plant growth.

What if you do not prune pink Syngonium

If you don’t prune your pink Syngonium, the plant will quickly become woody and wrinkled, and it won’t be capable of supporting its own weight very well. If you prune, the plant will flourish.

Because of this, the plant’s stems break over when they are heavily loaded with foliage. This leads the plant to spread out, which displays more of the plant’s older wood.

Why is pink Syngonium turning yellow?

Syngonium have the ability to revert, which means it may lose its variegation if they are exposed to an excessive amount of light or insufficient light; thus, it is important to ensure that it receives lots of indirect sunlight but no direct sunlight.

They need some light, but not an excessive amount. The solution, in the case of most variegated plants, is to constantly increase the light to promote variegation. This is also true with the pink synonyms; if they get little light, they may begin to turn green. On the other hand, in certain instances, they may also begin to turn green if they are exposed to an excessive amount of intense light.

You will need to make a decision based on this information: if the plant is located in a dark section of the room, move it towards the window; however, if the plant is currently located in a south-facing window or under a grow lamp, try relocating them farther away from the light source.

After that, you may trim the green leaves that have returned back to their original color back to the node. This may occasionally cause them to grow back more variegated after it has been done.

Why are pink Syngonium leaves turning Curling?

Leaves that curl inward are often caused by a lack of humidity or lack of moisture; thus, you should make sure that your plant is humid and that you are adequately watering it. It is important to make sure that your plant is not exposed to direct sunlight since the resulting sunburn might cause the leaves to curl. If it is, you should relocate it farther away from the window.

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