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Rex begonia varieties: 30 Best (Indoors & Outdoors)

Rex begonia is a popular ornamental plant that has hundreds of varieties and cultivars. Many people make collections of rex begonia in their houses. 

So, here I listed some beautiful rex begonia varieties that you can grow indoors. These varieties can be grown indoors and outdoors, but rex begonia looks great in small pots. 

To learn more about how to grow rex begonias refer to our growing guide.  


fairy Rex Begonia Fairy

This rex begonia variety offers silver foliage with a mix of cream and pink scattered on the leaves. 


This variety has a unique red and black color combination. The plant grows up to 8-10 inches tall and looks great in the house corner.

Pink Charming

It has a calm look, light green with a shade of pink foliage. Pink charming has a tender stem and large foliage that looks great in vases.


Rex Begonia Tornado

Tornado shows off its dark green foliage with a shade of highlighted spray of silver, bronze, and deep purple.

Angel Wing

begonia rex

This rex begonia variety has angel-shaped leaves with silver dots. It blooms with red flowers and has an upright growth pattern. This is a great houseplant.


‘Duarte’ has silver and bronze foliage that looks stunning on tabletops and desks. 

Red Kiss Rex

red kiss rex

‘Red kiss Rex’ has bright chill red and black combination leaves that grow about 2-3 inches broad in size.

Silver Limbo

This variety has small leaves that showcase its metallic silver color leaves with red-purple undersides. The plant grows up to 6-8 inches in height and spreads the same.


This is an elegant variety that shows off its green-black foliage that tunes silver towards the borders.

Ballet Rex

The variety had silver-green leaves with mid-green margins and red stems to highlight the plant. It looks great in the light near the window or beside the door.


Salsa quot

‘Salsa’ is a variegated variety that grows silver leaves covered with burgundy red and green shades. The plant follows clumps form and grows about 8 inches tall.


‘Spitfire’ is a colorful rex begonia variety, it has bright red-pink leaves with green and silver edges. It grows compact and is a great coffee plant.


The varieties offer charming silver-green leaves with dark red and green veins. If you want a classic plant, this is it!

Harmony Black Beauty

This variety has a compact growth habit and gives black foliage with burgundy edges.


This rec begonia variety shows off silver leaves with a black center surrounded by pink hues. Its ruffled margin is black-pink.

Blueberry Sorbet

This is a medium-sized variety that has silver foliage and lavender blush near the center. It has multi-lobed margins with chocolate-brown color lines.

Champagne Bubbles

This is a rex begonia hybrid that has silver leaves with a pink blush. The green part of the leaves is covered with silver bubbles and the margin is red.

rex begonia varieties

Christmas Curl

The wonderful variety features pink-green leaves with white color within it, pattern with silver spots. 


‘Fireworks’ had bright and vibrant leaves with a dark purple center and pink edges with silver-white hues between them. 

River Nile

This is a green foliage variety with a deep bronze margin that has ruffled edges.

Green Gold

This variety has bright green-silver leaves and deep green veins. When new grown it has warm golden shine and burgundy edges. 

Cowardly Lion

This beautiful cultivar has green-golden leaves with chocolate-colored veins. The color of the foliage gets darker with age. 


‘Escargot’ is a unique rex begonia hybrid with snail-shaped leaves with a green center and a beautiful gray-green margin.


This variety is a bit similar to ‘Cowardly Lion’, it also has green foliage except chocolate tones splashed around the leaves instead of following veins.

Stained Glass

It has eye-catching ruby leaves with dark green veins and black ruffled edges and borders.

Northern Lights

This is a compact variety that has golden color foliage with a hint of ochre brown. The plant also produces white flowers in winters.

Madame Queen

This rex begonia variety has ruffled leaves in olive green color and rich red edges.

Plum Paisley

This variety has a neon shade that looks stunning, it has a mix of blue, green, and pink with splashes of white.

Solar Flare

The hybrid rex begonia has unique orange-red color foliage that looks striking indoors. New growth comes in red color first and then gradually tunes to its native color.   

Amelia’s Kaleidoscope

The plant in the new growth has a copper-bronze hue with a rich chartreuse lime shade when they mature.

Did I Miss Anything?

Now I’d like to hear from you: which rex begonia variety from today’s post are you going to try first? Or maybe, I didn’t mention your favorite rex begonia. Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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