Tips to grow Angelonia plant

Angelonia blooms are cultivated as ornamental plants for their snapdragon bloom. They bloom nonstop from late spring throughout fall with cheerful splash of color, scented flowers in the landscape.

Angelonia plants thrive in heat, even in hot and humid climates unlike snapdragon flowers that get faded in mid summer.

With a wide range of colors including purple, blue, white, serena and pink, this plant is one of the best annuals for flower beds, borders and containers.

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The ideal time to plant an Angelonia is in mid spring, when there is no threat of frost. You can plant them early if frost is past in your region.

Plant where they receive at least six hours of sunlight. Plants that get less than six hours of sunlight will get leggy and produce less bloom. 

Plant in rich, well-drained soil. Angelonia plants can grow in a wide range of soil but planting in rich organic matter soil reduces watering and fertilization needs.

Unlike many annuals, Angelonia plants do not need pruning to encourage more blooms. However, you can prune stems 4-5 inches deep for bushier growth.

When Angelonia plants get established they become drought tolerant. Water only when the upper surface of the soil looks dry.


Click "Learn more" to know How to Grow and Care for Angelonia Plant.