Tips to Grow and Care for  Anise hyssop

Anise hyssop flowers can catch the eye from a long distance. They are found in blue, purple, lavender and green colors.

Anise hyssop is a frost tolerant perennial plant. They can survive in the winter. Start growing them 2-3 weeks before last frost to enjoy the bloom in the spring season.

Prune yellow brown parts of the plant need to deadhead or cut off from time to time. Though these leaves and blooms look dry or dead. But, they keep sucking energy from the plant.

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For gardening, always use high quality soil. Many people plant their plants in the ground directly. However, in the ground soil minerals and nutrition are not present in the required quantity.

You should place the pot in a spot where it gets early morning sunlight and afternoon shade.

For quick and healthy growth feed your plant with nutrition rich fertilizer in the growing season.

In the winter, pruning sends the plant dormant so that it regrows in the spring. To send plants dormant, cut some of the node stems by shearing.

Avoid watering from the top of the plant. Watering from the top wet the stems and leaves which increase the chance of fungal disease.

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