Are Mexican petunias invasive?

Are Mexican petunias invasive? This question asked my many gardeners, all your doubts regarding Mexican petunia growth will be cleared.

Mexican petunias are invasive in Texas, Florida and other Southeast and Gulf coast of USA.

You can either say Mexican petunias are dangerous or they really love to thrive vigorously in this region's soil.

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The Mexican petunia is a lovely perennial plant that may have flowers ranging in color from blue to purple and can be found at various garden stores.

It is not recommended that you grow Mexican petunia in your garden, unless you are able to get a non-invasive  cultivar.

'Purple Showers' that has been subjected to extensive research and has been determined to not spread aggressively.

How to get rid of invasive mexican petunias? Mexican petunia are small, beautiful flowers. However, due to its rapid growth rate you have to remove them from your garden.

If you have planted in pots they may need to be repotted more frequently than other plants. As they are fast growing shrubs. They grow well as long as they are planted in sunnier spots.

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