Are Mexican petunias poisonous to Dogs?

Ruellia simplex, more often known as Mexican petunias, are quick-growing perennials that have stems that range in colour from green to purple and have green leaves.

Mexican petunias are invasive in Texas, Florida and other Southeast and Gulf coast of USA.

You can either say Mexican petunias are dangerous or they really love to thrive vigorously in this region's soil.

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The Mexican petunia is a lovely perennial plant that may have flowers ranging in color from blue to purple and can be found at various garden stores.

Mexican  Petunias aren't harmful to dogs, cats, or any other kind of animal

But there are a lot of other lovely plants that are either moderately or severely poisonous to animals.

It is not a good idea to let or push dogs to eat any flowers for lunch, even blooms that are not known to be toxic to dogs.

It's OK to leave sleeping dogs alone, but please don't let them sleep on your petunia beds.

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