Are Pink hostas Real?

You might have seen some pictures on the internet of pink Hostas and amazed with their vibrate pink foliage. This raises a question: are pink Hostas real? Or is it just a fantasy?

Scientists have developed many cultivars of hostas by cross breeding two varieties. These are different in foliage design, colors, shape and size. 

There are many online plant sellers that offer pink Hostas seeds.

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You also seen sale of rainbow roses seeds and black strawberry from seed, both of which are impossible plant kinds that are marketed by questionable businesses.

But, these are all scame. 

If you buy pink hostas seeds from these online vendors. Most likely, you will get a packet of seeds from a provider of this kind, but what kind of seeds are they?

It might not thrive or if they grow, it will be a regular green hosta plant. They are able to keep the scam going for a longer period of time if they at least provide you the seeds of anything.

After all, it will take a long time before a Hosta reaches its full size and color to confirm that there is absolutely nothing pink about it.

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