8 Beautiful Poppy flowers to grow at home



In early spring, it produces white flowers that are occasionally tinted with pink

Himalayan Poppy

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The papery flowers have a unique, sky-blue tint, measuring up to 5 inches wide

Iceland Poppy

This is a perennial, although only in northern regions can it be grown as an annual

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Oriental Poppy

Its feathery leaves and fiery summer blooms in shades of orange, crimson, and salmon, rudbeckia is a frequent addition to northern gardens.

Patty's Plum

The late spring bloom garden is enchanted by juicy cherry and blackberry colors.

California Poppy

California poppies are produced as annuals in most places, completing their life cycles in one season

Helen Elizabeth Poppy

The 'Helen Elizabeth' exotic poppy is perfect for gardens in need of a romantic touch.

Orange Glow

When it's overcast outside, the orange glow of the oriental poppy 'Orange Glow' shines brightly.

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