Best Companion Plants for Black Eyed Susans


You may also plant different types of petunias, since they are all able to thrive in harmony with the self-sown sunflowers.

Angelonia flowers

Angelonias are planted as ornamental plants because of their snapdragon-like blooms. They begin to blossom in the late spring and continue until the fall.


If your flowers are often eaten by insects or other pests, you should plant marigolds and black-eyed susans together.


Lavenders should be planted apart from black-eyed Susans. Lavenders are large plants that spread quickly.

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Peonies are hardy in zones 2 through 8, and it blooms year after year. In other zones, however, this plant may be grown as an annual.

Blanket flowers

Blanket flowers and Black-eyed Susans both feature spherical, daisy-like blossoms.


Dhalias flowers may be as little as a grapefruit or as large as a plate, and they can grow on bushes as tall as six feet.


Zinnias have a strong visual impression. They are available in almost every vivid color, so you will be able to pick one that matches the color scheme.

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