Best Companion Plants for Black Eyed Susans


Grow yarrow near tomatoes since the great majority of insects dislike yarrow and will avoid it.

Cabbage family

Yarrow attracts a great number of helpful insects, including bees and butterflies, which are necessary for plant pollination.

Spinach and lettuce

You can plant Yarrow beside them to keep pests away from young developing crops.


Lavender and yarrow are commonly mixed because the two plants have colors that contrast with one another.

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Beans and other legumes enrich the soil with nitrogen and provide nutrients to the nearby plants.


Yarrow helps to maintain a sound ground surface by acting as a natural soil fertilizer.


When it comes to growing alongside other plants, basil excels.


Although rosemary and yarrow are two separate species of herbs, they are often cultivated together because their smells compliment one another.

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