Tips to Grow and Care for  Blackfoot daisy

Blackfoot daisy is a lively, drought-tolerant plant that can bear the heat and yet shine brilliantly.

From early spring to late autumn, this evergreen perennial of the Asteraceae family has a low, spherical, bushy habit and produces a profusion of one-inch white daisy-like blooms.

Plants may grow lanky as they develop. You may prune them back in late winter to produce a more compact and bushy look.

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This plant's roots will decay if the soil is excessively damp for an extended period of time. It grows well on limestone, calcareous, and caliche soils, but favors rocky, gravelly, sandy soils.

Blackfoot daisy enjoys full sun, although it may take a little of shade. Providing midday shade is especially important if you reside in a location where the sun shines for 14 hours a day.

This hardy plant is deer-resistant, and is normally not infested by insect pests.

Dry conditions are no match for Blackfoot daisy once it's in the ground. During the summer, just water it thoroughly twice or three times, and once a month in the winter.

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