Tips to Grow and Care for Blanket flowers

Gaillardia, also commonly called blanket flowers, are small, colorful flower plants. This is a semi-perennial plant that lives for a short period of time

Blanket flowers should be planned during early spring or just after frost get over.

Blank flowers are tough flowers that can thrive in tough conditions. They do not need much care before they get established.

Learn How to grow beautiful Blanket flowers: growing and caring tips

Blanket flowers prefer to grow in full sunlight. They love direct sunlight, even in hot summers.

Blanket flower needs sunlight to bloom. Give Them at least 6-8 hours of direct sunlight

Organic fertilize them once a year during early spring. To enjoy new bloom growth.

Blanket flower prefer rich, well-drained soil. When plant amend a thick layer of organic compost.

In the begin of the gaillardia need frequent water to keep its roots moist. You have water it regularly until it get settled.

Learn How to grow beautiful blanket flowers: Growing and Caring tips