How to care for  Anise Hyssop

Flowers of anise hyssop may attract the attention from a great distance. They come in blue, purple, lavender, and green.

Anise hyssop may live during the winter. Begin cultivating them 2-3 weeks before the last frost date to enjoy the blooms in the spring.

Yellow brown parts of the plant must be deadheaded or trimmed off on a regular basis.

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Always use high-quality soil for gardening. Many individuals just put their plants in the ground.

Place the pot in a location that receives early morning sunlight and afternoon shade.

During the growing season, feed your plant with nutrient-rich fertilizer to promote rapid and healthy development.

Pruning in the winter causes the plant to become dormant, allowing it to regenerate in the spring.

Watering from the top of the plant should be avoided. Watering from the top wets the stems and leaves, increasing the risk of fungal disease.

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