How to care for Celosia Flowers

Celosia is a stunning shade flowering plant that resembles candle frames, coral, or even the human brain.

The modern time has also produced a variety of attractive varieties that offer contrast to any garden.

The most difficult aspect of growing Celosia in a vast area is pruning. They work very well to fill up soil voids.

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Celosia thrive on soil that drains well and has a pH range of 6.0 to 6.5.

Sunlight is essential for celosia. They should be planted in direct sunlight.

They hardly ever experience infection or disease. In other words, they are plants that are resistant to disease and pests.

Celosia need frequent water for healthy development but they dislike having their feet wet.

If you water them too much, the soil will get saturated and might decompose.

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