How to Care for Hollyhock flowers

It's a typical cotton garden staple that blooms in mid-spring with many flowers on 6-8 foot tall and 1-2 foot broad spikes.

Hollyhock blossoms feature cup-shaped flowers that may be solitary or double. The blooms grow on long spikes with or without stems.

To maintain the plant clean, prune dead or dried leaves or blossoms. It also encourages new growth.

Begin indoor gardening 9 weeks before the final frost. Two to three weeks after the last frost, the seedling can be transplanted.

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Brugmansia need direct sunshine to blossom. Allow them at least 6-8 hours of direct sunlight every day.

Once a year, in early spring, apply organic fertiliser to them. to take pleasure in fresh bloom growth

Brugmansia prefers warm temperatures over 40 degrees Fahrenheit to develop. In haridness zones 8-10, they are perennial.

Brugmansia do not enjoy being wet. Soggy soil often leads to poor development and the risk of root rot.

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