How to care for Lungwort Plant

Lungwort is an annual plant planted in the spring for its vivid, colorful flowers. The plant got its name from its lung-shaped leaves.

The genus Lungwort is made up of low-growing plants. However, the plant's stalks may grow up to 18 inches tall.

Lungwort is a shrubby-evergreen perennial that grows up to 6 to 8 inches tall and spreads up to 2 feet. Its flower only blooms for one to two months in late winter or early spring.

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Soil thrives in humus soil with pH levels ranging from neutral to slightly acidic, although it may even live in slightly alkaline soil.

Lungwort loves part shade to full shade, however it performs well in low light settings in early spring.

Spread thick layer of mulch on the roots to retain moisture for longer duration, in hot climate.

After the growing season, lungwort flowers and leaves tend to degrade. Deadhead them to keep the plant looking neat and clean.

Lungwort requires moderate water to maintain its roots. They do not enjoy very wet or overly dry soil. When planting inside, water only when the soil is dry.

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