The pink Syngonium is a lovely flower that is often used in bouquets. As one of the daisy family, its origins may be traced back to Asia.

Perennial plant with a maximum height of 2 feet, the pink syngonium is a beautiful addition to any garden. Variety includes pink, white, and purple varieties with square, succulent leaves.

Pink syngonium, like other houseplants, removes pollutants from the air and replaces them with healthy oxygen.

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Pink Syngonium needs only to be watered when the soil seems dry. This prevents the indoor plant or potted plant from receiving too much water.

When it comes to soil pH, arrowhead vine prefers a slightly acidic range of 5.5 to 6.5. The soil has to drain well and be rich in nutrients for optimal growth.

If you want a heavily leafed plant, you'll need to prune it back to retain its structure.

The Pink Syngonium responds well to slow-release fertilizer. However, the fertilizer should be diluted and applied once each month.

Most houseplants thrive at humidity levels between 40 and 50 percent, which is the normal range.

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