Tips to Grow and Care for  Celosia

Celosia is a beautiful shade flower plant that appears like candle frames or coral or something like the brain.

The modern world has also developed many appealing cultivars that add a contrast combination in any garden. These are one of the best annual flowers.

If you plan to grow Celosia in a large area, pruning is the biggest challenge. They're great for filling up voids in the soil. They reseed each year following the growth season.

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These plants grow best in well drained soil which is slightly acidic pH range 6.0-6.5. Do an acidic test of the soil of the garden if it is acidic it would help to grow a healthy section of celosias.

Celosia is a sun-loving plant. You should plant them in the full sun. But the full sun doesn’t always mean full sun.

Celosia plants fall in this category. They hardly suffer from any disease or infection. In other words they are pest and disease resistant plants.

Celosia needs regular water for proper growth but they don’t like wet feet. If you overwater them the soil becomes soggy which may cause rot.

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