Tips to Grow and Care for Mum flowers

Chrysanthemum is a popular flowering plant. It belongs to the daisy family. The plant has attractive and colorful flowers that are used as ornamental.

Mums are generally sold in pots that bloom all season along then fade. These plants are usually annual and discarded once they fade.

If you want to flourish your garden with mum blooms then plant when they bloom, in the late summer or in the fall.

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If Mum flowers do not get enough light they can get leggy whereas exposing in extreme light can damage their leaves and flowers.

Like most of the plant mum also likes to thrive in nutrition rich and good drainage soil. Do not plant in ordinary ground soil. They might not get essential nutrients.

You should make sure that your plant gets sufficient water. Plants need more water when they are young. Water helps small plants to get settled on new ground.

Chrysanthemums can suffer damage from aphids, spider mites and thrips. The signs of these diseases are damaged leaves and stem, webbing of the plant and visible insects.

Fertilizers are mostly not needed if you have planted mum in nutrient rich soil. But, you can feed them once in the growing season to keep coming every year.

Learn More about How to Grow and Care for Mum flowers.