Different types of Mandevilla flowers


Mandevilla Splendens

A flowering plant species is called Mandevilla splendens, sometimes referred to as the dazzling mandevilla. This vine is evergreen, and it originates from Brazil.

Mandevilla Sanderi

Mandevilla sanderi, sometimes referred to as Brazilian jasmine, is a species of vine that belongs to the Mandevilla genus.

Mandevilla Boliviensis

Mandevilla boliviensis, a species of flowering plant native habitat of this plant is southern Bolivia and Brazil to Costa Rica.

Mandevilla Laxa

Mandevilla laxa is an ornamental plant that belongs to the genus Mandevilla and family Apocynaceae. It is most often referred to as Chilean jasmine.

Mandevilla “Red crimson”

The Mandevilla 'Crimson Red' may grow to a height of twenty feet and yield beautifully coloured blooms, making it a lovely addition to a wall or even a hanging garden.

Mandevilla "Blush Pink"

Pink trumpet-shaped flowers that are covering the whole length of the vine and give out a pleasant aroma.

Mandevilla White

In colder climates, it takes the shape of a climbing vine and loses its leaves. It has the capacity to grow to a height of six metres (20 ft).

In high humid region water directly in the roots of the plant to avoid fungal diseases.

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