Do Hollyhocks Bloom all summer?

Hollyhocks are biennial plants that bloom from July to early October in their second year of life.

Hollyhock blossoms are double blooms approximately four inches in diameter that are born on wand-like stalks.

The blooms begin to bloom near the base of the stem and move upward during the season, covering around 18 to 24 inches of each stem by the conclusion of the growth season.

Hollyhocks are rather easy to grow, despite the fact that many varieties are biennial and need two full growing seasons before producing blooms.

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Some are classed as annuals or biennials because they do not live long enough to produce blooms, whilst others are classified as short-lived perennials.

After they have blossomed, cut them down to the ground and continue to water and fertilize them.

If you do this, they should bloom once or twice more throughout the season.

They will come back every year if you give them a shave at the end of the season.

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