How long does lavender bloom?

The addition of lavender to any home garden immediately elevates the aesthetic value of the space.

How long does lavender bloom? It Depends on the lavender variety you are growing. There are many lavender varieties out there. Everyone has different growing and blooming periods.

As a perennial plant, lavender has been known to thrive in a home garden for up to 15 years!

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Why is lavender not blooming? There are many reasons for lavender not blooming such as too wet soil, wrong pH, lavender is not mature yet.

How long does french lavender bloom? Plants bloom all year long in places without frost, like Southern California, where the peak bloom season is from late autumn to early January.

Lavandula angustifolia 'Irene Doyle' and the hybrid L. 'Goodwin Creek Grey' are two lavender varieties known for their lengthy bloom times.

The Spanish lavender flowering season starts in the spring and lasts throughout summer.

How many times a year does lavender bloom? Your lavender plants should bloom at least once in the spring, and you may expect a second flush of flowers somewhere in the late summer or early autumn.

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