How to Grow Lavender (Successfully)

Lavender is a bushy perennial plant that belongs to the Mediterranean.

In the warm region its green foliage remains evergreen throughout the year and can thrive in some of the toughest growing conditions.

Lavender is best to plant as a young plant in early spring just after the last frost.

Planting this time gives young plants enough time to accumulate and strength to bloom and survive next winter.

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You can plant lavender indoors as well as outdoors. The choice depends upon what you need.

Lavender can be grown by seeds and division or stem cuttings. But lavender growing from seeds is a bit difficult as compared to other plants.

When planting, keep 2-3 feet apart. Lavender plants typically reach to one to three feet in height.

Dip a medium sized hole and put some potting soil into it. Make a 50/50 ratio of native and compost soil for healthy growth.

Cover the roots with the soil, so that no roots get visible.

Water thoroughly after planting it will give a good start.

Spread a thick layer of mulch around the base of the plant to keep the soil moist and protect roots from heat.

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