How to Grow Beautiful Tulip in pots

The tulips are Colorful gems like flowers that provide a burst of sunshine into our lives in early spring.

Ideally, Tulips emerge during Late winter to early spring from the ground.

During the autumn, it is best to plant tulip bulbs.

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Use a pot that's at least 8.5 inches (22 cm) in diameter with drainage holes.

Add vermiculite and perlite potting mix to half the pot.

Plant bulbs 1 inch apart in the pot. Put 5 to 8 inches of soil to make bulbs stand.

Add an extra layer for growing benefits. To get more tulip flowers in your pots, you may stack blooms on top of each other to create various heights.

Pour water once you plant the bulbs. The drainage holes of the pot should be able to move out any extra water you've used.

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