Hibiscus flowers indoor care in the winter


Hibiscus is a bright red tropical flowering plant that is grown for its appealing look.

Sunlight - In the summer, place outdoors and gradually adapt to greater light. Give as much direct light as possible in the winter.

Never allow the soil mixture to get soggy. Allow to dry entirely before watering again in the winter.

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Before bringing the plant inside for the winter, give it a good pruning. It will go into hibernation until late winter.

After pruning it, but before bringing it in, properly treat it for insects.

To get rid of insects, use neem oil and liquid detergent, or spray them with a hose.

Once inside, avoid overwatering and instead offer as much humidity as possible, including regular mistings. Do not expose yourself to blowing air from vents.

When the temperature rises beyond 50 degrees Fahrenheit at night, take it outdoors and gradually acclimatise it.

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