How to Care for  Blackfoot Daisy

The blackfoot daisy is a vibrant, drought-tolerant plant that can withstand high temperatures while still shining brightly.

This Asteraceae family evergreen perennial has a low, spherical, bushy habit and produces a profusion of one-inch white daisy-like flowers from early spring to late October.

Plants may become lanky as they mature. To get a more compact and bushy appearance, trim them back in late winter.

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It thrives on limestone, calcareous, and caliche soils, but prefers rocky, gravelly, sandy soils.

If the soil is extremely wet over a lengthy period of time, the roots of this plant will rot.

The Blackfoot daisy prefers full sun, although it may tolerate little shade. Midday shade is particularly crucial if you live in an area where the sun shines 14 hours a day.

This hardy shrub is resistant to deer and is rarely infected by insect pests.

Once established, the Blackfoot daisy is unstoppable. Water it well twice or three times a week during the summer, and once a month during the winter.

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