How to care for Brugmansia flower

The tropical plant Brugmansia, often known as Angel's trumpet, is native to Central and South America.

Depending on the conditions, this plant may grow as a shrub or as a tree. It has big flower petals and dark green foliage.

Although the blossoms of these plants are attractive, they are toxic to humans, dogs, and cats if consumed.

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Brugmansia like to flourish in full sunlight. This is a tropical plant that requires steady sunlight and a somewhat warm climate.

When it comes to cultivating soil, Brugmansia is the least picky. It can thrive in soil ranging from loam to clay, rich to poor.

Brugmansia prefers warm temperatures over 40 degrees Fahrenheit to develop. In hardiness zones 8-10, they are perennial.

Brugmansia is a thirsty plant that requires constant watering. Water them twice a day, particularly during the hot summer months.

This is a fast-growing plant, but it also need frequent fertilizing at the start of each new season to ensure continued development.

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