How to care for Primrose plants

Because of its lovely and delicate look, the common evening primrose has many fans, but many people consider it to be an invasive plant.

The flower, which is native to North America, grows swiftly and blooms every summer. It is best seeded in the late autumn.

Flowers with four petals bloom atop a basal rosette of leafy branching stems.

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Controlling the plant is considerably simpler if the expired flowers are snipped or pinched off to avoid self-seeding.

It should be cultivated in a location that receives direct sunlight. A location where the plant may get at least six to eight hours of warm sunlight every day.

Evening primrose thrives with regular watering and will need somewhat more water if cultivated in a very hot area throughout the summer.

The soil should retain moisture while not becoming waterlogged.

Fertilizer is not required as part of your evening primrose care routine; it will grow just fine without it.

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