How to Care for Iris flowers

On the flower, there are six petals: three outer dangling petals and three inside upright petals. It comes in a variety of colors and there are over 300 kinds.

Plant them between early summer and early autumn, giving them plenty of opportunity to establish themselves before winter.

Iris flowers thrive in full sunlight, so put them somewhere that gets at least half of the day's worth. They will not blossom if they do not get enough sunlight.

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Sunlight is critical for iris development; if the plant does not get enough light, it will not bloom. Plant them in a location that gets the most sunlight.

Iris thrive on sandy or gravelly soil; thick clay soil is ineffective for growing iris.

Although iris plants like wetness, proper drainage is required to avoid root issues. Water them only when the soil seems to be dry.

Pruning your Iris plant on a regular basis will encourage continuous flowering.

Apply a low-nitrogen fertilizer (6-10-10) around the plant in the spring. Add bone meal if you like.

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