How to Care for Marigolds

Marigolds are every gardener's first pick. You will undoubtedly notice them if you visit any garden.

Marigolds are ball-like clusters whose height varies with variety and condition.

Marigold doesn't require intensive trimming, but deadheading promotes flowering and prevents seedlings.

First in a container, then in the garden. Plant maintenance in a container is straightforward and pest-free.

Plant marigolds from summer until fall's first frost. Bloom is bright and cheery throughout this time.

They are native to warm and hot climes and thrive in strong sunlight and somewhat rich soil.

Once a year, in early spring, apply organic fertilizer to them. to take pleasure in fresh bloom growth

Marigolds like warm temperatures over 40 degrees Fahrenheit to flourish. In haridness zones 8-10, they are perennial.

Marigolds dislike being soaked in water. Soggy soil often leads to poor development and the risk of root rot.

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