How to care for Mexican Petunias (Easily)

Ruellia simplex or Mexican petunias are fast-spreading plants with stems that may vary from green to purple, as well as leaf colors that include green and yellow.

Mexican petunia are known as "flower factories" because of their enormous bloom production. White, pink, and purple are the most common colors for flowers.

Plant them in the autumn or after the first frost (a few weeks before frost). They go into hibernation when the temperature drops below freezing.

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Mexican petunias don't need any additional fertilizer since they self-sow and grow well on their own.

Unlike many other flowering plants, Mexican petunias thrive in full sun.

Mexican petunias are drought-tolerant plant that can survive in dry condition. However, to ensure constant flowering, the soil must be kept moist at all times.

A well-drained, rich soil is preferred by Mexican petunias but it can thrive in a variety of soils.

If you live in an area where temperatures drop below freezing, you won't be able to cultivate Mexican petunias. But, you can grow them as annual plant in pots.

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