How to care for Phlox flowers

Perennial phlox flowers are a popular choice, known for their colorful blooms and low-maintenance nature.

Phlox bloom in the form of a star. Long, medium, and short-ground cover varieties are all available.

Plant them after the last frost in your area. so that, they have time to establish themselves and begin blooming in the spring.

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Plant in compost or other organic matter-enriched soil that is rich in nutrients, moisture, and air circulation.

Flowers of the phlox thrive in full light, although in southern areas they may also tolerate moderate shade.

Avoid over-watering your phlox plant. Standing in water is also a big no-no for them. Should only be watered to keep soil moist.

In order to encourage bushier growth, pinch back newly-planted phlox after they reach a height of a few inches above ground level.

More flower heads are produced when the stems are trimmed 1/3 to 1/2 inches.

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