How to care for Viola flowers

The viola is a multicolored flowering plant that may come in more than 500 different types. The plant grows very quickly and has little blue blooms at regular intervals.

Violas are primary cool-season bloomers. In the warm region, they grow all winter and usually beginning bloom till the and end of the winter.

Early April is the best time to grow viola. Violas require around 4 weeks to germinate seedlings and 8 to 12 weeks to mature.

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The viola plant prefers full light but not excessive heat. They often vanish during the hot summer months. Plant your violas in partial shade if you reside in the southern United States.

Violas are not fussy about soil pH, however they thrive in slightly acidic soil. You can test the pH of your soil.

Viola plants need consistent irrigation to thrive. They can withstand some drought, although frequent watering is usually required.

Violas flourish in the chilly spring months. It may bloom throughout the summer and for a few weeks in the autumn.

Violas need rich soil to thrive. Use compost soil for planting. Organic matter may be added at any time of year.

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