How to Dry Hollyhock Flowers?

Hollyhock flowers generally dry on their own towards the end of the summer season.

The dried-out flower drooping from your hollyhocks shrub will be blown away.

You will find seeds inside the dried flower, which you will send to your friends and family so that they may grow hollyhocks in their own homes.

Because hollyhock flowers are bigger, they cannot be preserved by pressing.

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Hollyhocks Flowers may be dried at home in three ways: in the microwave, using a desiccant, or simply by exposing them to air.

Another option is freeze-drying, which cannot be done at home since a standard freezer is not cold enough for the operation.

You may let tiny or spray hollyhocks air dry in a vase if you're drying them.

If you don't want your hollyhocks to decay, remember to empty the vase of water.

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