How to Grow Hibiscus from Cuttings?

If you want to grow hibiscus from cuttings, the first thing you need to do is decide which cutting would provide you the best results.

Young cuttings are thin and green; pick an older brown hardwood cutting. Thinner cuts are better. Take single shear-cuttings.

After cutting the right hibiscus cutting, remove any unwanted branches and leaves.

Cut the piece to 5-6 inches. Cut the bottom at a 45-degree angle using a knife. Next, scrape the 45-degree cut tip.

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A healthy plant requires the right potting mix. 50% garden soil, 25% sand, and 25% vermicompost make potting mix.

Sand improves soil drainage. This is potting soil.

Choose a pot with drainage holes (at least 3-4 holes). These pores drain excessive water from the pot.

Spread stones near the pot's base to prevent the potting mix from draining.

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