How to Prune Gladiolus Flowers

Pruning is an essential aspect of gladiolus maintenance after flowering and during the growth season.

Because it improves the plant's look and redirects energy to the roots, improving next year's flowering.

Gladiolus blooms abundantly in hardiness zones 7b to 10a throughout the summer.

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Pruning gladiolus blossoms helps prepare the plant for winter.

Simple, but clean, sharp pruning tools are needed to prevent fungal infections.

Deadheading is the technique of removing faded blooms to enhance a plant's appearance and to refocus its energy to its roots.

Gladioli store energy for next year's bloom in their corm, thus channeling the plant's energy there helps ensure abundant flowering.

Gladiolus' unusual structure makes deadheading different from other flowers. Flowers bloom from a central stem.

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