Tips to Grow and Care for Iris

Iris has six petals- three outer hanging petals and three inner upright petals on the flower. It is found in many colors with more than 300 species.

Plant them between early summer to early fall, this gives them plenty of time to get established before winter.

Iris flowers love to grow in full sunlight, plant them where they receive at least half a day sunlight. If they do not get enough sunlight they will not bloom.

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Sunlight is very important in iris growth, if the plant does not get enough light it will not bloom. Plant them in the spot which receives maximum sunlight.

Iris grow best in sandy or gravelly soil, heavy clay soil does not work well for growing iris.

Although iris plants like moisture, good drainage is essential to prevent root problems. Water them only when its soil look dry.

If you want your Iris plant to bloom regularly, you have to prune it on a regular basis.

In the spring, feed them with low-nitrogen 6-10-10 fertilizer around the plant. You can also add bone meal.

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