Tips to Care for Japanese Painted Fern

Japanese painted fern is a foliage plant mostly grown for its colorful leaves. This is an ornamental plant grown indoors or outdoors by many gardeners.

Japanese painted ferns have many cultivars and hybrids that are widely cultivated and are popular garden plants.

Japanese painted ferns are a color foliage plant that is often used as an ornamental plant. You can plant it in a medium size pot or in the garden.

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You can start planting between late winter to early spring. This period plant gets a chance to spread its roots so that it can grow rapidly in growing seasons.

Japanese painted ferns are considered to be planted in full shade or partial shade areas.

Japanese painted fern prefers average, well drainage soil. Using damp soil will cause root rot which leads to a plant growth stunt.

If you amend organic matter (used tea, banana pill) into soil occasionally, additional fertilizer should not be needed. But, if you prefer commercial fertilizer, feed them balanced fertilizer in the spring carefully.

Keep the soil evenly moist but not soggy. Water only when the upper soil of the plant looks dry.

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